Match Results 11-11-18

After a series of 25 Meter and 50 Yard Bench Rest matches through our 6 months of heat, humidity and hurricanes  DeSoto Airgunners turned our attention and enthusiasm to Field Target.   Though the calendar said November, it still approached 90 degrees with bright Sun and only an  occasional cooling breeze.  Our Field Target  venue doesn't offer much natural shade.  Time to breakout the Sunbrellas.

We had 11 shooters sign up for the day's event.  It was good to see Dick Otten on the lanes again, though he was overwhelmed by the day's heat and did not finish the match.  Dick told me he has been very busy preparing new targets for  upcoming Baton Rouge air gun events.  Bayou Airgun Club will be celebrating 30 years as an on-going airgun venue and they will be hosting the 2019 AAFTA  U.S. Nationals.   

We were joined today by no less than 4 serious on-lookers who watched the entire match and then went on to share a table at our favorite MEX restaurant.  We answered many questions about the sport, rules and equipment.  They enjoyed this virtual airgun tutorial while savoring some excellent tacos and more.  I think we'll be seeing a couple new participants on the lanes very shortly; that's great!

Today's Field Target match consisted of  seven lanes;  three targets per lane, for a total of 42 shots.  By popular demand we included two forced position lanes:  A designated Kneeling Lane (lane 6)  followed by an OffHand Lane (7)  which was shot from the top of our elevated airplane boarding ramp.   All the Field Target divisions were represented including a lone Piston Shooter, Lindsey M.  He shot a very respectable 24.  Donovan T. who made the trek across the  State bagged 38 kills shooting WFWT regulations, finishing just one point behind Gary P. who was the day's Top Gun, High Scorer.  Paul S. was impressive today, taking Top Hunter with his 12 ftlb HM1000.

As the rest of the country begins to  consider it's  Field Target season closing down, we're just getting started in Southwest Florida.  Our next Field Target match (Sunday January 13th) should find us in cooler  more comfortable conditions.   DeSoto Airgunners will close-out the 2018 Airgun Season with a very challenging 50Yard Bench Rest competition on December 9th.

Equipment Matrix and Scores:

      HUNTER Div.
(42 Possible)
Paul Stakun
HM 1000
Hawke 6-24
 AA 8.4
 12 Ft. Lb.
Bill Liebke
Wolverine  R
Sightron SIII
AA 10.3
Jerry McGee
Steyr LG110
Hawke 10-50
JSB 13.4
Linda McGee
March 5-40
 JSB 10.3
Hunter - PISTON
Lindsey  Matthews
AA  TX200
Bushnell 6-24
 AA  8.4
  12 FtLb.
WFWT  Div.
Donovan Taylor
Sightron SIII
JSB 8.4
  12 FtLb.
  PCP OPEN  Div.
Gary Palinkas
RAW HM1000
Hawke 10-50
JSB 10.3
Dennis Dickenson
RAW TM1000
Sightron SIII
JSB  13.4
Cliff Smith
RAW TM1000
Bushnell 8-32
 AA  10.3
Ron Zeman
Steyr LG100ZM
Nikko 10-50
JSB 10.3
Dick Otten
Leupold 35
 JSB 10.3