BenchRest 10-13-19

     DeSoto Airgunners Summer Swelter Bench Rest Series continued today with a 25M Club Match.  We had a turnout of 10 shooters including a recent Florida transplant Leo Duran from Texas.    Many in the Field Target community know Leo from  his dedication and work within the AAFTA Organization.  Leo has also been an instigator – organizer - and participant in many local and national airgun events.     

We caught a break in our Endless Summer in Southwest Florida.   Humidity was  manageable and the dew point was below 70 at Sunrise.     A light overcast sky cleared to bright sun and a light breeze which made for very enjoyable match conditions.    

     Corky T.  took TopGun Honors with an impressive score of 735 and 19 X's.   Looks like Corky  will be joining the “usual suspects” for a position on our BR podium.   Corky was followed close by Dennis D. and Bill S.  (they actually tied with a score of 730 Points.)   Dennis was awarded Second Place based on the greater number of  BullsEye X's he scored.  Bill S. took Third Place.

The match was held in two relays.  Following USARB guidelines, competitors shot three Target Cards, each card with 25 scored targets and  20 minute time limit.
 Gary opted to shoot his air-pistol (in relay 1) and a borrowed rifle in relay 2.    Corky used relay 2 to get some trigger time behind his newer TX200 spring piston rifle.  

Also absent from today's activities were Linda & Jerry McG.    They're excused..... They are competing in the 2019 Extreme Bench Rest Airgun competition in Arizona.  Good Luck !      

A small secret revealed?     I learned that a few DeSoto Airgunners are pretty serious  (air) pistol shooters too;  at least for the  Field Target games.  Who Knew?    Donovan T.  surprised us by returning to Florida with a Second Place podium finish in the 2019 AAFTA National Pistol Field Target championships  in Baton Rouge.   (another clue?)   Leo D. arrived for today's airgun bench shoot armed with a  modified Steyr LP1 Pistol rig.  (He managed a respectable benchrest score with his FT pistol.)    Gary P. also arrived for today's shoot sans rifle but came prepped with pistol, a Crosman 1720T. (In all fairness, Gary arrived at the venue on his motorcycle today.  A pistol is a lot easier to transport.)  Another clue:  Bill S. and Doug A. asked about incorporating some sort of pistol options within a field target club match.  Sounds Interesting.   While we're on the subject of air-pistols; on rare occasions we have enjoyed shooting airgun silhouettes at DeSoto too.   It seems there is more than casual interest in hosting some air pistol activity at DeSoto Gun Club.  Who Knew?


Total Score
 points       X's
 points      X's
 points    X's    
 POINTS       X's
Corky Taylor
 245       5X
246      8X
244      6X
735        19X
Dennis Dickenson
 244        11X
242        8X
244         5X
 730         24X
Bill Shade
 248        8X
240       2X
242        6X
 730        16X
Gary Palinkas (rifle)
 241         4X
242         0X
245         4X
 728         8X
Chip Willing
 242        8X
240       2X
230         2X
 712        12X
John Loeffer
 224       2X
230      2X
229        2X
 683         6X
Bill  Frazee
 221        1X
233       1X
222        3X
 676         5X
Ron Zeman
196        0X
223      0X
238        3X
657           3X
Leo Duran  (pistol)
206        0X
200      1X
201        1X
607           2X
Gary Palinkas (pistol)
172         0X
123       0X
138         0X
433           0X
Doug Abbott (dnf)

      2nd Place  2019 AAFTA Nationals  Pistol  Field  Target Championship.                                                                   
          The Man                                                                      The Tool

It's a modified 10m Steyr LP10. The breech block was machined to allow a higher volume of air to provide the pressure needed to increase the pellet velocity from 600fps to 780fps with 8.4gr pellets and be consistent at varying temperatures. A quick fill adapter, custom scope rail, knee rest and topped with a Hawke scope and custom sidewheel. It’s a tack driver out to 55yds.  - Donovan