FT-Match 3-08-20

The March FT shoot  brought out a dozen competitors.   Great to see Freddie P making the trip with his TX200 Springer.   His score of 39 was but  5 points behind Top Gun and Open PCP winner Dennis D.  ( Dennis  shot   44 of possible 48 points.)

   Since your scribe and web-worker  (Ron Z) was absent from this event,  I'm not sure if Bill L.'s score of 35 1/2 is a reporting error, a typo or other goings on.   No Matter.   It's all in good fun.  

   NEWS:    A last minute clarification from the (not so evil) Match Director:    Bill L.   is not able to get into the kneeling position and asked to be allowed to shoot  ‘freestyle’  on the kneeling lane for ½ point per target.    1/2 Point targets were a regular feature at Baton Rouge events ( in those olden days)   Not sure what AAFTA would say today.  Since  this was a local Club Level event  Match Director makes the call.


We're encouraging a few more Piston gun shooters with what's being scheduled as "Springers in Springtime"  for the  April  12th FT Shoot.
Again .......... All In Good Fun.