Ron  Z -  Member -  Match Director - Scribe -

Air rifle Field Target enthusiast  since 1999.    I  bought my first adult air rifle in 1995.  It was an Air Arms  TX200SR with a Bushnell 6-18 scope.  Paid ~$775 and I still have the receipt from Airgun Express !    Though manufactured by Air Arms, mine carries an  RWS logo. ( They were the importers for a couple years here in the USA.)   It was just dumb luck that  my initial air rifle purchase turned out to be such a fine gun.   I have shot well over 30,000 pellets through that barrel.  Over the years nearly every part on the rig has been tweaked, modified  or customized.   It is an excellent shooter and I'll never part with it.   For years many  shooting friends  chided me for having this one and only field target rifle.

Summer 2007 - To The Dark Side?  When the Dow-Jones crossed 14,000 for the first time that Summer I felt like celebrating.  A good deal on a LG100ZM Steyr came my way.  (Of course by the time the gun arrived and I was able to shoot it,  the stock market had "corrected" but that's life.)   I very much like the  Steyr and began to  campaign it in the 2008 Field Target season.  It got me to the podium several times.  I also enjoy doing those small tweaks and customizations.    It appears to be an excellent consistent if only I can become one too.

While I consider myself an average to good  shooter, I have had the pleasure of shooting "in -the-zone" on a couple occasions and have brought home a trophy or two along the way.  

First Place Award   Open Class   PreCharge Division
 Crosman  All American Field Target Championship.  June 12 - 14th  2015

2013  Florida State Championship Match  2nd Place

  2012  Florida State Match   First Place Award  PreCharge Div.

 2011  Blue Grass 100   3rd Place  Piston Div.

 2010  AAFTA  U.S. Nationals  5th Place   Piston Division

2009  SuperBowl Shoot  3rd Place

  2007  World Field Target Championships   6th Place

 2007 Cajun Classic   Third Place

2007 SuperBowl Shoot  Fourth Place

U.S. Nationals    2006    10th  Place

Florida State / Superbowl 2005   Fifth Place

Baton Rouge National Classic  2004  Fifth Place

 Superbowl  2002  Fourth Place

 I.R.A. Inaugural   2002   Second Place

 Florida State Championship 2002  Third Place

  Superbowl 2001    Third Place