Match Info & Schedule

April 12   Field Target   CANCELED
May 10   Field Target
June 14  Field Tartget
July 12    Bench Rest
Aug 9     Bench Rest
Sept 13  Field Target
Oct 11   Bench Rest
Nov 8    Field Target
Dec 13   Field Target

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ALL Match Participants MUST sign the DeSoto Gun Club "Match Waiver" form.  No Exceptions

IF you are not a member of the Desoto Gun Club  AND you wish to observe or  participate in a Desoto Airgunners Event,  you MUST complete a HOLD HARMLESS release form:  click here and give it to the Match Director upon entrance to the facility.  Any shooter under the age of 18 must have an accompanying parent.

Generally, Sight-in ~ 9:15 AM    Match begins 9:59 AM   Bench Rest Shoots generally begin 30 minutes sooner

All shooters must read and follow  safety rules  
Your nominal match fee goes to the hosting range The Desoto Gun Club.
For more match details,  contact  match director  
E-mail:  INFO   AT  desotoairgunners   DOT   net.

Shooters showing off their tools