We are proud to be a USARB Sanctioned Air Rifle Bench Rest Club


Response to hosting Air Rifle Bench Rest Shoots has been very strong.    Several regular " airgunners" immediately  volunteered their time and resources to making the DeSoto Airgunners  BR Season a great success.    In particular:  Colin P. has been hard at work making new target stands.  Jack R. and Colin P. will be the match director(s) of the shoots along with the help of Paul S who has a lot of experience in this game.    Our first shoot was held Sunday MAY 8th, 2016.

UPDATE:  The Summer Swelter Benchrest Series has become a regularly scheduled event.  

Current  Bench Rest event dates are included in the Match Info & Schedule page.

PRACTICE TARGETS:  See:  https://www.phoenixairgun.net/targets

General Rules:


The 25 meter official WRABF targets will be used.
Wind Flags,  Target Stands,  PLEASE  Bring what you have..
Each shooter will have 5 minutes preparation time then 20 minutes to shoot each 25 scored targets (plus any number of sighters).
We plan to shoot 3 sets of targets, scoring in between sets for a total of 75 shots.   
A perfect score  would be 750 / 75 x.  
If we have more  shooters than bench positions we will have 2 relays.

Our intent is to follow the WRABF & USARB rules and guidelines as closely as possible so that we may gain experience and host sanctioned matches.
Some Additional Guidelines:  All classes can use sandbags, bipods or adjustable front rests.
Benchrest must NOT clamp your gun
 Rests including bipods cannot be connected to the rifle.
 Open and Unlimited classes may use one piece rests.
 .177   .20 and .22 caliber pellets can be used.  
Shooters will not score their own target.  A .22 scoring plug will be available if needed.

           Jack  R.  smiles as he grabs another pellet